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wealth building ecosystem

Zuwa Money is a wealth building ecosystem designed for busy people. We use a ground breaking, proven approach to accumulating wealth. It all begins with getting your mind right about the smart way to build wealth in America 2.0.

Our Ecosystem Helps You Grow Your Money!

Zuwa Academy©

Our center for thought-provoking financial intelligence to promote your money smarts!

Zuwa Rendezvous’©

Our gathering place for accountability partners, new friendships, and the speakers and discussions you want to hear!

Zuwa Strategy©

Our forum for helping you apply what you learned in academy to accelerate your wealth building efforts in real time.

Zuwa Academy©

The academy is our center for thought-provoking, powerful masterclasses in personal finance. Our instructional design cuts through the confusion about money, to get you the information you need to build amazing wealth in America.

Zuwa Strategy ©

In Strategy©, we help you elevate the game! You help you apply our step-by-step framework to manifest the gains of your newfound knowledge to your own life! While every strategy won’t work for every person, we help you determine which ones work best for you. Together we make it happen.

When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion

Zuwa Academy is currently offering:

Zuwa Money Presents…

Financial Intelligence, Unhinged!

This Masterclass is designed to make money a non-issue. When money is not the problem, life can be so much better. We provide the short-cuts to financial understanding so that you have the tools to become super financially independent!

Welcome to “Take Charge of Your Money!”

Our Secret Sauce

A life-changing masterclass experience through Zuwa Academy©

Opportunity for ever-evolving savvy through Zuwa Rendezvous’©

Application to Your Life through Zuwa Strategy©

Zuwa Rendezvous' ©

Rendezvous’ is ground zero for your continued development. It is here we nurture the growth of your money smarts! Rendezvous’ is our huddle for shared experiences. We exchange ideas, hear cutting edge innovators and rub virtual elbows with the financial wizards you choose. You can make new friends who share your goal of building wealth for their families, just like you.

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Take Charge of Your Money!”© is an intensive, day-long immersion into the fundamentals of personal finance. It is designed to empower you to save and invest at the highest possible rate, without a material change in your quality of life. Structured to trigger Eureka! moments in understanding throughout the day, we actively shore up the gaps in your money understanding so that you will have a solid foundation to make decisions about your future.

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