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Craft a New Money Story and Achieve Your Intentions!

I’ve helped families build wealth from the first $5,000.
Many now have wealth in the millions.
We can teach you what to do as well!

R. Terese May, J.D., ChFC ®
Founder Zuwa Money

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Provide 360o Support
for Your Wealth Building Journey

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At Zuwa Money we provide a clear, proven, time-tested path to the accumulation of wealth that fosters resiliency in the face of market corrections, epidemics and general misinformation about money. Our ecosystem design provides the intellectual framework that builds financial confidence, expands the vision for your unique life possibilities and provides ongoing support along the path to the life of your dreams. We help you accumulate wealth and retire your debts so you can thrive in the midst of uncertainty. Our Do-It-With You approach is contained within an ecosystem that is designed to:

EMPOWER you with professional financial intelligence through Zuwa Academy©

ESCALATE the rate at which you accumulate wealth in Zuwa Strategy©

ENHANCE your money savvy and buttress your success in Zuwa Rendezvous’®

Our Ecosystem Helps You Grow Your Money!

Zuwa Academy©

Our center for thought-provoking financial intelligence to promote your money smarts!

Zuwa Strategy©

Our forum for helping you apply what you learned in academy to accelerate your wealth building efforts in real time.

Zuwa Rendezvous’© ESCALATE

Our gathering place for accountability partners, new friendships, and the speakers and discussions you want to hear!

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Practical Knowledge is the Secret Sauce to Building Wealth!

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Your money story begins the moment you pick it up. What you do with it after that moment is the difference in building amazing wealth and not. We provide the practical education that empowers you to write a new money story that is resilient, triumphant and full of joy!

our course

Financial Intelligence, Unhinged!

R. Terese May, ChFC® Attorney at Law
Chief Purveyor of Financial Intelligence for Zuwa Money.

The masterclass is a day-long deep dive into the fundamentals of personal finance. I designed it for busy people, in the prime of life, who don’t have time to become experts on personal finance, but who do want to know they are doing the right things with their money, so they can concentrate on distinguishing themselves in their careers, or doing the things they love, rather than be concerned about money.

Our weekend intensive masterclass experience is designed to take you from zero to sixty in just one weekend. If you only take one course in personal finance in your life, this is the course to take. We provide a solid foundation in the fundamentals of money. Once you take a course with Zuwa Money®, you will never again be without a financial compass. You don’t have to pay off your bills first to benefit. I promise that this masterclass experience will be like none other you have ever encountered.


I could not get enough of her “Take Charge of Your Money!” masterclass. She used illustrations that made the course interesting and easy to follow. I especially liked the discussion around taxes and strategies to keep more of your money. I found the discussion on the different investment options motivating and I’m looking forward to taking the next course.

Ms. May is an excellent instructor.

“Take Charge of Your Money” had my brain working overtime!

At the end of this masterclass, instead of being tired I was energized and excited! I immediately wanted to pull out my paycheck stubs, tax returns and investment statements because I saw my money in an entirely new way! I saw new opportunities to advance my path to independent wealth and early retirement that I wanted to get started on yesterday. If you only take one masterclass in personal finance in your lifetime, this is the course. The experience was eye-opening.

We are here to help you have the life of your dreams!

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“Take Charge of Your Money!”© is an intensive, day-long immersion into the fundamentals of personal finance. It is designed to empower you to save and invest at the highest possible rate, without a material change in your quality of life. Structured to trigger Eureka! moments in understanding throughout the day, we actively shore up the gaps in your money understanding so that you will have a solid foundation to make decisions about your future.
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