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“Take Charge of Your Money” had my brain working overtime!

At the end of this masterclass, instead of being tired I was energized and excited! I immediately wanted to pull out my paycheck stubs, tax returns and investment statements because I saw my money in an entirely new way! I saw new opportunities to advance my path to independent wealth and early retirement that I wanted to get started on yesterday. If you only take one masterclass in personal finance in your lifetime, this is the course. The experience was eye-opening.

I took away useful strategies that I could immediately apply to my own wealth building goals. Terese did a great job of cultivating rapport within the group learning environment while guiding us through an abundance of interactive material. The quality of the content was top-notch and drew from an array of real-world scenarios. I highly recommend!”

Zuwa Money provided an illuminating masterclass on personal finance and an all around delightful learning experience.

“Take Charge of Your Money” is a fantastic masterclass.

It helped me understand the different tools available for maximizing my savings and investment rate. I now know for certain how to invest my money wisely. Terese is an engaging and dynamic speaker who is highly skilled at breaking down these complex concepts in a way that makes it easy to understand. I have attended other courses in personal finance. No one breaks it down like Terese. I highly endorse this masterclass to anyone who wants to build confidence in their capacity to get the most from every penny of their money. Thank you again Terese for this masterclass offering. It was an amazing day long experience!

I am a tax attorney with an LLM in taxation. It’s my job to think through these types of issues. Terese May presented this information in a way that was illuminating, even for me. I was blown away at the realization of how much more wealth I could have accumulated, had I taken this course earlier in my career development.

I view my financial possibilities very differently now. Terese May brings real weight to the subject matter. Even though I took the course entirely online, not one person wanted to leave the class, even after it was over. The course content is life changing. I suggest you take it at your earliest opportunity. It pays for itself ten times over, and I think you will find it to be one of best investments you ever made.

The Zuwa Money masterclass in personal finance was a real wake-up call for me.

Dr. May is a great presenter. I like her style.

I believe in the power of knowledge, so I asked lots of questions. She not only answered them all, she really challenged my understanding of the subject matter. The section on taxes and home ownership really got my attention! My young adult daughters were excited about this masterclass as well. I attended an in-person, live version of this course. After it was over people did not want to leave. She delivered practical information in a way we could apply immediately. I am far wiser for having attended the Great Masterclass!

I went from being unsure as to how I’d keep up with the rent to being confident about putting a down payment on a home very soon. For years I’ve focused on how to make more money, but never how to best manage my money.

We talked about my goals, set up a simple and effective strategy, and now I’m executing the plan. Her knowledge and experience about building and maintaining wealth is impressive. I don’t know what I’d be doing without her assistance. Terese helped me lay a solid financial foundation. She gave me tools designed to weather many hardships. Thank you, Terese. You’re the best!

I'm incredibly grateful for Terese May and her guidance.

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March 19, 2022
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Zuwa Money Presents…

Take Charge of Your Money!

Foundational Masterclass
in Money Management

This Masterclass is designed to make money a non-issue. When money is not the problem, life can be so much better. We provide the short-cuts to financial understanding so that you have the tools to become super financially independent!

Welcome to “Take Charge of Your Money!”

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This day-long masterclass demonstrates creative strategies you can use to find money to save and invest so that you can purchase that home of your dreams, start that business you wanted and build wealth that will last for future generations!
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