We Choose Prosperity!

A Name is the First Story, that Attracts Itself to a Life.

ZUWA is our name. It emanates from the continent of Africa. As it is with many names of African origin this is a name of great meaning. ZUWA, a name destined for a male child carries this translation:

“One Who Chooses Prosperity”

We chose ZUWA not only for the profoundness of its meaning, but for the purposefulness of its utterings, and the rhythmic artistry it conveys in its pronouncements.

Firmly rooted in ZUWA is the power of choice. Having the authority to influence the quality of one’s life is the rarest of opportunities. It is neither the rule, nor the reality for most people of the world. At Zuwa Money we respectfully supplant the original noun with the first-person, plural pronoun. In acknowledgment of our individual power of choice, we humbly attribute this variation in form to mean:

We Choose Prosperity!

ZUWA carries not only the power to choose, but the promise of opportunity to exercise that authority for the benefit of ourselves, our families and our communities.
It’s rhythmic simplicity is symbolically aligned with the ebbs and flows that we each experience, as we work to realize our dreams of prosperity, whatever they might be. Humanity is generally united in its desire for a life of prosperity. Many of us measure wealth by much more than money. We want the love of a great family, vibrant communities and the capacity to determine our own destiny. This sounds very much like the American Dream.

It is also ZUWA.
ZUWA is the American Dream.
Our Dream is ZUWA.

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