Should I pay off my credit cards before taking this class?

Absolutely not. In many cases your credit cards can create a new source of savings and investment. We demonstrate how to do this in our workshop.

I already have investments, but I feel vulnerable. Will this course help me gain a level of comfort about money?

Absolutely. The course is practice based. You will see your situation in our examples. It is instructor lead so our course is designed to help you understand the basics of personal finance so that you are never again without a financial compass.

I live paycheck to paycheck. I don’t have anything to save or invest that I can see. Is it a waste of time for me to take this course?

Definitely not. This course places emphasis on finding money to save and invest even when you don’t think you have any money available. We can help you get a move out plan to change your circumstances.

I do not like math but I do want to understand more about money and investing. Is this course hard?

This course is a step above financial literacy so it is a little more challenging than most courses. The good thing is that the instructor is very experienced at making the information understandable and easy to follow. If you stay the course, you will understand a lot more about your money. You will feel great about your progress as a result.

There are so many internet scams, how do I know This course is not another one?

Hello, I am Terese May, founder of Zuwa Money and I understand your concern. The internet permits people to “throw a rock and hide their hands” so to speak. So, this is a concern for me as well. For most of my professional career, I have worked on a referral basis, because the advice business is very personal. This idea of offering a very personal service via the internet is new for me.

However, I feel a sense of urgency is getting this information to the greatest number of people in the shortest period of time. This required I step outside of the cozy, anonymous, private space from which I have operated for years, into this very public space that compels me to put
my picture on the web, (which my friends know I hate) and get social media accounts that I don’t have a clue how to use.

I am on this internet because your future is important and I know this
information can change lives for the better. I am a licensed attorney with
the California Bar and a credentialed financial professional. I am highly
experienced with helping people understand the fundamentals of money.
I am super easy to find. Please be assured that this course is the real
deal. It has been years in the making. I am committed to making sure that
it is an enjoyable, yet life-changing experience for you and your family.

Will this course help my spouse and me, or the other important people in my life unite around the cause of building wealth?

As a general rule, when people know better, they tend to do better, but psyche makes a big difference. We help everyone see new possibilities for themselves. This perspective often provides the clarity that permits everyone to make an informed decision about their money. They can now see how working together would be a benefit. Our courses are designed to empower decision-making. It is an investment in the future you want, with who you want. We help you “Take Charge of Your Money” because it helps you take charge of your life. We are available to assist you with the rough patches. Financial counseling could be of benefit.

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Zuwa Money Presents…

Take Charge of Your Money!

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This Masterclass is designed to make money a non-issue. When money is not the problem, life can be so much better. We provide the short-cuts to financial understanding so that you have the tools to become super financially independent!

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This day-long masterclass demonstrates creative strategies you can use to find money to save and invest so that you can purchase that home of your dreams, start that business you wanted and build wealth that will last for future generations!
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