Zuwa Money® provides the intellectual framework for building wealth in America. “Take Charge of Your Money!”©, our live, virtual masterclass offered through Zuwa Academy© is the means by which we make it available. Envisioning the life of your dreams, assessing what is within reach today, and collaborating to make your dreams a reality is the focus of Zuwa Strategy©. Zuwa Rendezvous’© is the “safe place” we have prepared for you to get the answers that will inevitably arise as life continues to evolve.

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In this live, virtual, day long masterclass in personal finance we convey the “Keys to the Kingdom” of how to build wealth in America for people who go to work every day. We demonstrate the concept of leverage and how it can be utilized as a tool to build wealth faster than you ever dreamed possible. We introduce you to the foundational investments that never go out of style. We even show you how your bills can be a source of savings and investment with the right strategy and perspective on money. Whether you are a tech worker, attorney, executive or entrepreneur, this course will empower you to exercise authority over your money, and your life!
We help you grow in money savvy so that you will have the confidence, freedom and personal power that comes with knowing you are doing the right things with your hard-earned income. A new perspective on money will influence your decision-making. You will have the tools that support financial resilience for balance of your life. After this virtual, instructor guided odyssey into the fundamentals of personal finance you will understand how to build wealth strategically. Whether you fancy yourself a stock investor, crypto investor, an options trader or a network marketer, this masterclass provides the foundation you need to invest with poise.

Take Charge of Your Money!

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Course Outcomes

This course will demonstrate practical strategies that help you understand:

Who should take this masterclass?

Life is not a dress rehearsal!

Mistakes are expensive!

So, a roadmap full of best practices is like money in the bank!

Not that we want a lot of that!

If you go to work every day and you want to be rich, this course will ignite your fireworks!

If you value a short-cut to building wealth and have the authority to change your own life, join us.

If you are open to new concepts, and genuine in your search for understanding, we want to hear from you.

If your bank deposits are getting little or no interest but you are unsure about next steps, we can’t wait to see you.

If stressed about the state of your finances, and looking for a way to foster a more resilient financial life, this masterclass is for you.

If you want to cultivate the confidence that permits you to remain invested during market cycles, welcome compatriot on this journey to financial independence!


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This day-long masterclass experience demonstrates creative strategies you can use to build wealth faster than ever dreamed possible without a major change to your standard of living and without a lot of risk. We teach the fundamentals of personal finance. In so doing, we shore up the deficiencies in your understanding so that you have a solid foundation from which to pivot financially for the balance of your life. After “Take Charge of Your Money!” you will never again be without a financial compass.
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