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R. Terese May, J.D., ChFC®

Ms. May is uniquely suited to the task of developing and delivering these life changing masterclasses.

To understand why R. Terese May is the right person to help you grow your wealth into something truly substantial, you need to know where she comes from. Ms. May was not born into the white-collar world. No, she came from, of all things, a family of builders. Her father was an industrial pipefitter, installing the large underground pipes that carry the essentials of water, natural gas and electricity to the new-build houses that would one day become homes like your own. Her uncles were electricians, carpenters and iron workers. So, you see, her family is a builder of foundations, just as you are working to ensure a strong future for yourself and your family.

But that wasn’t all. Ms. May’s grandmother had a 50-acre farm where she either grew or raised almost everything the family ate. Self-sufficient, legendarily resourceful, and not to mention handy with a shotgun, Mrs. Louise May produced food that was fresh, organic and delicious. She kept pasture-raised Rhode Island red hens, carefully feeding them fruit and vegetables from the farm. Her eggs, the color of an evening sunset, many double-yoked and highly nutritious, attracted eager customers from miles around. Why was her grandmother’s farm a success? Because Ms. Louise May had a 360-degree understanding of the factors that made for high quality food. She controlled the factors she could control, and trusted the Good Lord to take care of the rest.

Well Ms. Terese May, employs a similar approach to your personal finances. Her masterclasses, presented in her trademark engaging and lively manner, are designed to make sure you have a solid foundation in the fundamentals of money. She provides the tools to help you discover your true potential so that you can grow intergenerational wealth on the strong foundations you’ve already began to put in place.

Ms. May’s track record speaks for itself. When she began her financial advisory career over twenty years ago, rather than simply focus on those already wealthy, she educated those who had yet to achieve the level of affluence they hoped for, perhaps like yourself, and helped them build their fortunes, one person at a time.

Utilizing her background in the sciences, finance and taxation, she began working with those with a hunger and a respect for learning, like college professors, educators and administrators, removing for them the mystery surrounding the subject of money and giving them the confidence to invest. Practice-based financial intelligence was the secret of her clients’ success then and it remains so today.

Since then, Ms. May has built portfolios that began worth as little as $5,000 and now have a value of millions. She has helped hundreds of San Francisco Bay area families build wealth, purchase homes, and become financially independent. To this day, she remains committed to helping people exercise authority over their money. The perfect means for doing so, is her masterclass series through Zuwa Money, to which she now invites you to attend.

Ms. May is an estate planning attorney and credentialed financial advisor, having earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Finance) from California State University, East Bay, and a Juris Doctor from Loyola University Chicago School of Law. She is a licensed attorney with the California State Bar and a holder of the Charter Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) designation from the American College of Financial Services.

R. Terese May, is a highly experienced, credentialed financial advisor and attorney.

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