African Elephant Named Zuwa

Our mascot is an African Elephant named ZUWA. We chose the African Elephant because it is intelligent, it is powerful, it is adaptable and like working Americans the contribution it makes to the ecosystem is often unheralded.


The African Elephant is powerful. While it can easily destroy a lion, it is the lion that is proclaimed the “King of the Jungle.” The African elephant is adaptable. It thrives in the heat of the desert savannah and the cool of the equatorial rainforest. It is an intelligent animal. It’s ability to anticipate change, belies that intelligence. Like us humans in so many ways, the African elephant mourns the loss of its compatriots. Like us, it’s majesty is apparent in the fact that it exists. The African Elephant is the real ”King of the Jungle.” For all its innate power and intelligence, it would remain unaware of that power if captured as a baby calf and denied the purview of itself. Like us, it could be placed in the service of others less powerful simply because it did not know its own power.
Like the African Elephant, we too are powerful. Working American’s are the largest economic force in history. Like our mascot, we adapt to change almost effortlessly. We are intelligent. Our contribution to this economy often goes unheralded as well. But unlike Zuwa, who has always lived free many of us were captured as babies. We never came to truly understand our authority, our “power of choice.” Many of us live a human brand of “baby elephant syndrome.” Those who see us appeal to our desire for instant gratification and redirect our hard-earned income into the service of building their dynasties, to the exclusion of our own. At Zuwa Money, we pull back the covers so you can see. We teach you to leverage the power of your money and make baby elephant syndrome a thing of the past! Restore the power of conscious choice. Join us!

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