Building Resiliency, Learning and Thriving in the Uncomfortable.


ZUWASMART® defines the challenge.

Building wealth against a backdrop of pandemics, market corrections and declining class mobility is not a straightforward undertaking. Turbulent and uncertain times make it essential to build in financial resilience as well. We’ve designed the ZUMASMART® experience to foster the resilience for the long run. We prepare you to succeed.

We can learn to thrive.

ZUWASMART® is based upon the self-efficacy model of Dr. Albert Bandura of Stanford University. Self-efficacy is a term he coined to describe the human capacity to respond to life’s adversities. Possessing confidence in our ability to respond to uncertainties of life in a manner that allows us to prevail, even when uncomfortable, is self-efficacy. Knowledge is the foundation. We help prepare you at Zuwa Money.

How ZUWASMART® helps.

ZUWASMART®  is the methodology we use to reinforce the capacity of our members to make powerful decisions about their money. Having the ability respond consciously to a situation, and the discipline to manage the emotions of the moment, is critical for long-term success. Joining our ecosystem provides ongoing access to an environment that supports you on your journey, along with the tools to help you stay the course.

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This day-long masterclass demonstrates creative strategies you can use to find money to save and invest so that you can purchase that home of your dreams, start that business you wanted and build wealth that will last for future generations!
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