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wealth building ecosystem

Zuwa Money is an innovative, wealth building ecosystem, designed to help our members thrive, rather than just survive in this new normal. Every component of the Zuwa Money ecosystem is designed to build resilience, so you can succeed.

Our Ecosystem Helps You Grow Your Money!

zuwa academy

our center for thought-provoking, financial education to promote your money smarts!

zuwa rendezvous’

our forum for group coaching, dynamic speakers and the discussions you want to hear

zuwa civics

our training ground for the next generation, to learn the art and science of advocacy

Zuwa Academy ©

Zuwa Academy, is the point of entry for the Zuwa Money experience.

We consider practical education, the secret sauce for building wealth. We provide creative, practice-based courses that are designed to challenge your misconceptions and replace them with strategies that will reveal a new brand of possibilities and an expanded future. We teach what gets results. The Academy is a repository for knowledge that builds the competence and confidence of our members. 

Zuwa Academy is currently offering:

Zuwa Money Presents…

Take Charge of Your Money!


This Masterclass is designed to make money a non-issue. When money is not the problem, life can be so much better. We provide the short-cuts to financial understanding so that you have the tools to become super financially independent!

Welcome to “Take Charge of Your Money!”

Zuwa Rendezvous ©

Our greatest fears and anxieties in life tend to arise, not from what we know, but rather from what we don’t know.
The absence of knowledge paralyzes some of us, and cripples’ others entirely. We created Zuwa Rendezvous’ to be a safe place for our members to ask questions, hear speakers and get an accountability partner. Zuwa Rendezvous’ is a NO SHAME, NO FEAR, NO EMBARASSMENT zone. We accept each other unconditionally, affirm our ability to learn, and actively encourage one another in our quests to build wealth.
Platform Launch Anticipated
September 2021

When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion

Zuwa Civics ©

Zuwa Civics is a project of great importance to our founder.
It is the training ground for a new, financially savvy brand of leader. It is here that we ask the hard questions. It is here we prepare our youth to engage those responsible for the policies that impact our lives. At Zuwa Money, we promote socioeconomic advocacy, because the failure to advocate for our rights often results in their forfeiture. In view of this reality, we prepare to train a new generation to advocate our interest in this America 3.0. We welcome you. We delight in your participation.
Launch Anticipated
As Soon as We Have Sufficient Interest

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This day-long masterclass demonstrates creative strategies you can use to find money to save and invest so that you can purchase that home of your dreams, start that business you wanted and build wealth that will last for future generations!

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